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Postby the boss » Mon Mar 09, 2015 12:41 pm

so it turns out we will pay rent to use any new ground that may be built :lol: :lol: Maybe we will play there for a couple of seasons, decide the rent is too high and move back to Northampton or even the Ricoh :lol: :lol: We could then build another ground and do it all over again. You really could not make this shit up 8)
2014 will be our year !!
the boss
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Re: rent

Postby AD » Mon Mar 09, 2015 4:05 pm

Exactly the situation I said it'd be from the start.

Even the headline of £61m debt written off wasn't exactly true. It was converted so at least the interest repayments can't be continued (though now instead they can just pay themselves a dividend if they so choose). And then you realise the only reason they did it at all was because they were forced to, otherwise they'd still be in place.

Then there's the other stuff that doesn't add up. Admin expenses twice the expenditure of player wages? Apparently doesn't include paying for any of the legal action. So why not show the breakdown of what these admin expenses were to prove it and nip any questions in the bud?

Plus there are the accounts of all the other companies to be considered and gets so confusing it's nigh on impossible to keep track on them. Still over £30m of loans outstanding elsewhere apparently though, and interest payments (which can only be to SISU and affiliates as they own all the debt) have almost doubled.
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