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Who's for the chop?

Postby adge » Mon May 05, 2014 7:48 pm

Apparently we will find out in the next couple of days.
Obviously Moussa, Christie and maybe Murphy? Think I'll throw Willis, Clark, Webster, Seabourne and a big offer for Wilson too?
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Re: Who's for the chop?

Postby billythefish » Tue May 06, 2014 6:42 am

Christie and Moussa will go as out of contract and good luck to them.

Not sure about Murphy, his age may count against him if he wants to play at a higher level and think it will 50/50 if he stays. Wilson will be off at soem point once someone meets his valuation and that will give Elvis the money to spend that he needs.

Willis will stay and at least one of Seabourne and Webster will stay. Wouldnt suprise me if Fleck was off as well if someone makes a decent bid for him.

Leaves us very short but depends what happens with some of the players we have had in on loan that he might want to keep - Delfonso, Robinson etc
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Re: Who's for the chop?

Postby AD » Tue May 06, 2014 1:16 pm

If we're perfectly honest he won't be able to bring in many so may well be forced into keeping what he's got.

Maund, Rankin and Garner are already going, Christie, Murphy and Moussa likely to leave at the end of their contracts. Only really Barton I would say will be off-loaded regardless.

Webster and Seaborne were only brought in this year by SP and add a bit of experience to the back (despite us shipping an extraordinary amount of goals) so I reckon he'll want to keep them, and he appears to rate Willis for the future. Urquhart has fallen off the radar a bit but is young and he'll probably see how he progresses. He also seems to like Haynes so maybe Adams will be looking over his shoulder, although personally I think he's pretty good and the two could work well together on the left.

Baker has been used less lately but with older players leaving and our most creative ones he'll have to be kept, and I think he highly rates Fleck and Thomas even though I think they're distinctly average. Daniels has been a bit in and out but is another I think SP wants to see how he progresses.

Only really Wilson left up front, and although he'll want to keep him a week before the season starts or deadline day you'll probably find he's off.

I can't see him wanting to sign any of the strikers permanently, and Robinson/Prutton help pad out the squad but don't really add much extra to it. He might take on one, probably Robinson.
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