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Postby skyblue025 » Sat Dec 21, 2013 8:08 pm

Just back from Swindon.

An entertaining game we should of won (and deserved too) but managed to lose.

Leon missed a couple of decent chances 1st half , one of which he deffo should of scored but put his header wide.

He scored second 1/2 with an excellent finish to the corner . Massive 2 minutes in the 76-77 minutes. Baker hits a post with a good save from their keeper who turned it onto the inside of the post, it then bounced across face of the goal with keeper turning circles trying to find the ball and he managed to find it before anyone in Sky Blue could finish it off. Swindon then go up the other end and score from the next attack after a bit of pinball in out area. Just no luck at all.

Fleck then hits a 35 yard thunder bolt which smashed into the bar and out for a goal kick.

They then scored after Seaborne slipped over and their forward raced through and scored.

Gutted. Overall we played ok and kept the ball well. If Wilson had been playing i think we would of been out of sight by half time as Cyrus put in 3 or 4 quality ball right across the face of goal but no one got on the end of but right in Wilsons area.

Still win some lose some.
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